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L&N Carpet Cleaning Duct Cleaning

Do you have your ‘ducts’ in a row?

Lets start with the facts:


  • 1 out of every 6 people who suffer from allergies do so as a direct result of the fungi and bacteria in the air duct systems-Better Health Magazine

  • Most people spend 90% of their time indoors-American Lung Association

  • Children are more likely than adults to be affected by polluted indoor air-Dept of Consumer Affairs

  • The average 6 room house collects 40 pounds of dust each year-Discover Magazine

  • Typical fiberglass furnace filters are less than 7% efficient-ASHRAE

L&N Carpet Cleaning Duct Cleaning

Why get your ducts cleaned:


The EPA recommends that if you have any of the following issues, you should clean your ducts:

  • You have pets, or there were pets in the home

  • You’re a smoker, or there was a smoker in the home

  • You've done a remodel, especially one using drywall

  • You live next to an open field

If none of those apply to you, you can go 3-5  years in between duct inspections. If you just moved into a home and are unsure of if/when the ducts were cleaned, the EPA recommends getting them done to use as a starting point for yourself.


What we do:

We  use a truck mounted vacuum system, a hard bristle, spinning brush, and fully trained technicians. We come in your home, take off all your register covers, send the hard bristle brush down each duct, all the way to the furnace, scrapping all the dust and debris off the walls of the ducts. We clean all the way down to the furnace. We include a FREE odor neutralizer, also. This makes it so that you don’t smell the stale dust smell that can be associated with disturbing old dust. We put your vent covers back on  and that’s it. The average home take about 2.5 hours to complete. 


What you will notice:


  • First and foremost, you’ll probably notice less dust inside your home. Removing the dust from the duct work means that it is no longer circulating throughout your home and landing on surfaces in your home.

  • Second, should anyone in your home experience cold or allergy symptoms, the severity and the recovery time can be drastically reduced. The dust inside the ducts can hold on to some particles that trigger cold/allergy symptoms in some people. Removing the source of the symptoms helps those symptoms to not be too severe and/or last as long. 

  • Third, the smell inside your home can be improved. The dust inside your ducts will hold onto any strong smells inside your home, like fried food, pet odors, or smells associated with a fire or fireplace. Removing the dust removes the old smells. 

  • Fourth, the cost effectiveness of your furnace or air conditioning system can be improved by removing even the slightest blockage from inside the duct work. The more dust and debris in the system, the harder the furnace and the A/C system have to work. It can also create uneven heating/cooling in your home as well. 

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